End of Year Reflections

We are so proud to announce that all Humane Society animals were adopted prior to closing the Adopt Shop! One happy adoption story involves a long stay cat named Dion.


Dion was a bit of a grumpy senior who would walk out of his condo long enough to smack us before he went back home for a nap. We certainly hoped he would find a home, but we weren't sure who would fall in love with this sassy guy.

One day, a family with a young son came to visit. For some reason, Dion decided these were HIS humans. He came out of his condo and was such a love bug, we wondered if Dion was switched overnight with a look alike! The family decided to adopt and take him home, and we all hoped he would keep up this sweet behavior!

We received an update this December that Dion has absolutely changed the little boy's life. They are very best friends, and they can't imagine their lives without Mr. Dion. It's stories like this that remind us why we do what we do.

This December, we need you support to continue our lifesaving work through the entire state of Virginia. We have broadened our efforts to help Dions everywhere find their happy ending through medical support and by sharing their stories. 

Our two End of Year Goals:

-25 BRAND NEW monthly donors! Monthly gifts help us plan and budget, and they help keep us sustainable through these challenging times.

-One time gifts totaling $5,000! We will use these funds to support our P.A.W.S., Warrior Buddies, Fur-ever Together, and Seniors for Seniors programs!

YOU can make the difference in a homeless animal's life. Please donate today and help us reach our goals!

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Homeless animals support network

Injured and sick animals find themselves at shelters and rescues all over Virginia every day, through no fault of their own. Sadly, most organizations don't have the funds or resources to care for them.

Our support network will offer the funding so desperately needed to give every animal a fair chance at a new life.