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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I surrender my pet?

PW Humane Society Adopt Shop accepts owner surrenders of healthy, fully vaccinated small to medium size pets by appointment only. If you wish to surrender your pet, please call 703-634-0880 to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively, the Prince William County Animal Shelter, 14807 Bristow Rd., Manassas, VA 20112 accepts surrendered pets during hours of operation. 703-792-6465.

Q: Where can I get my pet spayed/neutered?

PWHS does not provide vaccines, spay/neuter or other routine medical services to the public. Please refer to the clinics below for those services.

Anicira Veterinary Center, 571-208-0199.
Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic, 540-507-7461.  Leave a message and they'll return your call.

Fredericksburg SPCA Community Medical Center, 540-898-1500 x12.

Q: Where can I get low cost Veterinary surgical services?

Helping Hands, 1605 Rhoadmiller Street, Richmond, VA 23220 phone: (804) 355-3500 

Q: Where can I report animal abuse?

Contact Prince William County Animal Control, 703-792-6500
Contact your County Supervisor! They need to know what’s happening too. 

Q: What are PWHS' adoption fees?

Puppy (6 months or younger) – starting at $315.00
Kitten (6 months or younger) – starting at $165.00
Dog (7 months or older) – starting at $215.00
Cat (7 months or older) – starting at $115.00

Each adoption includes the pet’s spay/neuter, updated vaccines, microchip and registration fee, and flea/tick preventative while they’re here with us. 


Q: What are the Seniors 4 Seniors adoption requirements?

A pet over 6 years old can be adopted by an individual over 60 years old for 50% off the regular adoption fee. As such, a senior cat adoption fee is $65 and a senior dog is $115.

Q:  Where can I find assistance for injured wildlife?

There are several local wildlife rehabilitators but you should contact the Virginia Wildlife Center at 5400942-9453.

Q.  Where can I go to have my pet euthanized?

Please contact your veterinarian for guidance.  PWHS does not perform euthernasia services nor recommend any particular veterinaran.