Homeless Animals Support Network

The Prince William Humane Society is partnering with shelters and rescues in the state of Virginia to further the no-kill Virginia vision and save the states' most vulnerable animals. PWHS offers financial assistance for medical treatments, visibility for adoptable pets and events, food, and supplies for pets living in Virginia.

 Eligible organizations must become a member of the PWHS Homeless Animal Support Network and:

  • have valid 501c3 status or be contract holding shelters or rescues in the state or Virginia

  • have the goal of saving 90% or more of the animals surrendered or transferred in, yearly

  • earn less than $300,000 revenue/yearly


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P.A.W.S. Fund Request Form

In order to receive medical support for an animal in your shelter or rescue, download and submit the Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical (P.A.W.S.) Fund request for Intake Form. You must be a member of the Homeless Animal Support Network to receive funding assistance.

Download & complete this form to receive medical support for an animal in need at your rescue or shelter. Most requests are processed within 24 hours.

Submit completed form(s) to info@pwhumane.org

The Lucas Fund

Before there was a Prince William Humane Society, there was L.U.C.A.S. (Let Us Consider Adopting Strays) organization. L.U.C.A.S. came to be out of a tragic accident taking the life of our President's beloved Springer Spaniel puppy, Lucas. That loss began a long journey of animal rescue, welfare, advocacy, education, assistance, and life-saving. As we grew, we became PW Humane Society and initiated several additional programs including creating the Adopt Shop and through it all Lucas has always been there reminding us of why we all do what we do. 

Unfortunately, COVID has forced us to close the Adopt Shop but our desire to save even more lives is stronger than ever. We've decided that the best way we can do that is to promote and financially assist small rescues and municipal (underfunded) shelters. We will do that through the generous donations of our compassionate supporters and sponsors. 

We will be launching the LUCAS Fund in early 2021, so don't delay, join our Homeless Animals Support Network now, so you will be eligible to participate in our first-ever grant period.