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paws (Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical) fund

The PAWS Fund is a unique program that saves the lives of shelter pets in the state of Virginia by providing veterinary care for injuries or illnesses. This program is so successful thanks to your generous support, and we could not do it without you. Please give today so we can continue to save the lives of our states' most vulnerable dogs and cats.

Most municipal shelters and small rescue organizations have no budget for funds with which to treat sick or injured homeless animals in their care. 

For years now those needy animals at the Prince William County Animal Shelter have been able to rely on the PAWS Fund to ease their pain and save their lives. Now with our new focus on serving homeless pets throughout the region, small organizations finding themselves in this precarious situation can turn to PWHS for assistance and even more lives can be saved.

Since 2012 and thanks to your donations, the PAWS Fund has treated and saved the lives of over 145 homeless pets (including a guinea pig) at a cost of $105,000.

Our goal is to ensure all pets who enter shelters in the state of Virginia have a fair chance at a happy life and adoption, and we are thrilled to announce that all of our previous PAWS Fund animals have been adopted!



Dexter is our current PAWS Fund case. He was born blind and with a rare congenital disorder that makes it difficult for food to travel from his mouth to his stomach. This serious condition is called Megaesophagus. Through Xrays and diagnostics, the veterinarians found they could correct this with surgery.


Dexter's surgery was a success and he will now be able to eat like a normal dog!

Previous PAWS cases below...

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Dr. Lori with Kittens